Gold vs. Ore

Photo by milena mihaylova


I usually devote this blog to only write about my interpretation of the bible. However, once in a while, I come across something completely different that is so relevant to what I am trying to do here, that I must acknowledge it formally. It happened to me this week. I was reading a blog post titled Speed-Reading Techniques when I came across this quote:

See the book as a mine full of ORE not GOLD. Books offer wonderful gold to the prospector. But the reader must sort through tons of ore to find and refine the gold. The speed reader changes mindsets: quits fooling around with the ore and searches for the gold. What is a book anyway? What are words? They are “carriers” of truth, thoughts, ideas, a thesis, information, terms, concepts, notions. One reads a book to get the message, not to obsess on the words. (I’m tempted here to talk about Bible study, but we shall let it pass this time.) Switch your mindset to looking for the gold.

This quote describes exactly what I am trying to achieve with my reading and writing about the bible. I am conceived that there are truths in the stories not because it represents a holy text by itself but because it is a text that represents the wisdom of the creation of religion and thus, holds truths about human nature and our life. Just like somebody can read Shakespeare and find a modern interpretation to it because it is so powerful the bible contains a lot of ore and it is the readers responsibility to transform it into his own personal gold. I heard people complain about the fact that I pick and choose. I, however, don’t see anything wrong with picking and choosing as that is exactly the point of a cultural text that is supposed to sustain wisdom that will be always relevant.

In a way, I feel like the alchemists of hundreds of years ago, trying to create gold from other materials. The only difference is that I feel like I am succeeding, while they failed miserably.



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